Delicious meatballs and the power of the language.

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A few days ago I was delivering a lesson in collaboration with a Modern Language teacher and her pupils whom are learning Spanish. The class was making different kind of Spanish food amongst which also some meatballs and I started thinking that my meatballs are never round, spherical, ball shape and I don’t actually care as in the Italian word for meatballs, polpette, there is no sign of their shape.

A while ago I watched a Ted Talk on how the language we speak can actually influence the way we think and I started thinking about my triangular shape meatballs and the fact that I don’t even try to make them round. Next time I will post my family recipe of meatballs in white wine, this spanish recipe has a smoky flavour as it use smoked paprika but if you are not a big fan of smoked food just use normal sweet or hot paprika and adjust the quantity to your taste. Buon appetito!

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