La Sagra Italiana in Glasgow

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Yesterday I spent my afternoon at the Sagra Italian in George Square in Glasgow. A Sagra is a festival that often happens during the summer in every Italian village to showcase their culture, tradition and culinary specialities.

And La Sagra Italiana 2019 is a perfect example of what a Sagra should be, it was an amazing experience full of cultural events, music and lots and lots of delicious food. Many food trucks gathered on the square serving gelato, aperitivi, arancini, panzerotti, pizza, zeppole and more.

I was invited to deliver a cookery demonstration and I decided to do two different kinds of pasta, one from the north of Italy and one from the south. I made tagliatelle with a tomato and basil sauce and orecchiette with broccoli, chilli and garlic. Even if both kinds are fresh pasta there is a big difference between them as one is with 00 flour and egg and the other one is with semolina flour and water. Everyone enjoyed both pasta and sauces and at the end I had the empty pots and plates and lots of smiling faces around me …. success.

Grazie for the amazing experience and warmth welcome in Glasgow 🙂 See you next year, in the mean time keep cooking!

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