Focaccia di Recco

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A few days ago I received a text from my local deli shop, Provender Brown, announcing that my special order has been delivered … the crescenza. This fresh and creamy cheese is known in Italy as crescenza or stracchino and has a flavour and consistency like no other.

Now that I’m on holiday I have more time to cook and bake so I decided to use some of this very precious cheese, precious as it’s usually quite difficult to find, to make a focaccia.

This recipe is a traditional focaccia from the Ligurian town of Recco, although it’s made with few ingredients, the distinguished flavour of the crescenza and the best extra-virgin olive oil I could find (thanks to Aldi) make this simple dish heavenly flavourful. Perfect with a salad on a sunny day.

As the dough doesn’t have any yeast the result is a crispy shell with a gooey and cheesy centre that it’s just perfect. Also, there is no need to prove the dough so it’s ready in no time. Buon appetito!

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