Dauphinoise potatoes … my family must have dish for every occasion

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I finally have some head-space to post in my favourite place … my blog.

The past few months have been emotionally and physically very intense and demanding.

Although in the past months I cooked and tasted amazing food, I posted more on my Instagram account than here.

But a few weeks ago I promised that I would post at least a recipe each month but January is all about to get me thin and fit and I wanted to post one of the most indulgent side dishes I ever prepared. So I decided to wait for the beginning of February and some of the coldest days of this winter. And this dish will definitely warm you up.

My family love it and since I learned to make it at catering college, thank you Perth College UHI, is now a regular dish in my repertoire for every special occasion.

It’s great with every kind of meat, with fish or even on its own. I often make a double batch to have plenty of leftovers to enjoy. The most laborious part is to cut thinly the potatoes, you can do it with a mandoline if you have it but I find it quite therapeutic to do it by hand and improve my knife skills.

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