Coral runner beans

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Do you remember the pasta recipe with courgette and courgette’s flower I posted I while ago?

Well today I went back to my friends Federica for a coffee and a chat and as last time, I came home with more amazing ingredients to cook.

This time runner beans, I often just like them simply steamed and served in salad with hard boil eggs but Federica suggested to cook them as they do in Rome.

While she was picking the runner beans I was eating raspberries and plums directly from the plant. Isn’t she the best friend ever?

She also gave me apples and plums of different varieties, and I’m already thinking what to prepare with it, maybe a crumble. Apple and blackberry crumble could be nice as the days are getting chillier and here is Autumn already.

This recipe showcase at it’s best how we treat vegetable and side dishes in Italy, often they are so good that we use them as main course with some crusty bread, some cheese and cured meat.

The tomatoes are cooked very briefly and they still keep their shape and texture while they turn into this lovely orange/coral red (hence the name).

You can add as much chilli as you like, every Italian family adapt the recipes to their own taste. Enjoy it!



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