Comfort food for the winter months … Gnudi

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It’s been too long since my last post and I know I keep you posted on Instagram but it’s nice to post here on my blog where I can also add recipes.

This recipe is for Gnudi a traditional Tuscan recipe that literally means naked. The name comes from the fact that this kind of gnocchi have all the ingredients of the spinach and ricotta ravioli without the pasta. As the pasta cover the filling in the ravioli and in this recipe is missing this gnocchi made from the filling are served … naked!

I cooked this recipe with my mum as she’s been staying with us over the holidays. Even if this is a recipe she never made before working together was amazing and brought me back distant memories when I was cooking with her and I was learning familiar gesture and tricks that you learn from someone who had cooked the same dish over and over again.

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