You’ve got mail!

Every month without failing a package arrive from Italy.

It often contains something for the kids, a lovely handwritten note from my mum and my beloved Sale & Pepe (a fantastic Italian cookery magazine).

I always look for the Italian regional recipes that the magazine often features. Even after a decade of researching and studying the various Italian regions traditional recipes, there is always something new to discover. The regional food repertoire is so vast that I’m sure I will never be able, in a lifetime, to know all the different recipes.

Every time I look at this magazine it reminds me of my previous life, before having children and before moving abroad, when I worked as food-stylist in Milan for various magazines and brands.

Sometimes was definitely a challenge to make some food appealing but that’s part of the job, and I loved it. I also liked to go around with the person responsible for choosing crockeries, plates and all sort of other props to stage the pictures.

The biggest thrill came every time I went to the newsagent, and I saw the magazines featuring my food, my recipes and my name. Such a good feeling, so proud!

The little collage below show some examples of my work, keep in mind that most of them are more than 20 years old, I think some magazines opt for a more organic and natural look than in the 90’s.

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