How to celebrate your BIG birthday in style

In the past 2 weeks, Scotland was on holiday, and these are called “tatties holidays” as in the past pupils did not attend school to go in the fields to harvest potatoes. The school decided to have two weeks holiday to allow them to work and help the farmers with the harvest.

It is quite strange for an Italian to get used to the idea that in Scotland the school start close or on one of the most important Italian holiday: Ferragosto and then we are on holiday in a period when in Italy school and work has practically just started after the long summer. I don’t actually mind, and I like the idea of having holidays and working periods so spread throughout the year.

I like it even more as my birthday is usually during the tatties holidays in October and I love it even more now that I’m a teacher.


This year it was a BIG birthday and the two weeks celebration included attending a concert, a wine tasting, a trip to Glasgow to some foodie destination, afternoon tea at Gleneagles and a quick trip to Italy.

In Glasgow, I went with the kids to Loop & Scoop for churros and gelato. My birthday treat was a delicious churro s’more, the warm churros filled with marshmallow and chocolate was incredible.

Then we went to visit an Italian deli and restaurant Celino’s where we bought some Italian delicatessen to share with the rest of the family for dinner.


Afternoon tea at Gleneagles was absolutely amazing, a luxurious silver serving afternoon tea. The attention to details is staggering, and the care they put in preparing, presenting and serving each dish is impeccable. A very special treat!




My visit to Italy was very brief, only two full days with my parents, plus two days of travelling. But it was so worth it. Just been there with them was special.

I don’t need much to be happy but my family and friends love is the best gift I can ask for.

With my mum and dad I shared a stroll around my hometown Udine, I helped them with the shopping, and as in every Italian family, food was at the centre of old fashion good quality time together.














In conclusion, it was a great two weeks celebration with my closest friends and family that I spent visiting some of my favourite places, eating and drinking till my heart content.

Not bad at all 🙂 I consider myself very lucky!

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