A new chapter is starting and I’m ready!

I’m armed with a new notebook to add my favourite recipes and my favourite cookbooks and history of food are super ready 🙂


After more than 10 years running cookery classes, I decided to go back studying and to qualify as Home Economics teacher.

Now after 10 months of full-on teacher training, I will start to work as teacher full time and I have to five up my leisure classes so I thought of creating a little space of my own where I will share my passion for food, photography, history, travel and more.

I know the web is full of bloggers but I’m sure that if we squeeze a little there is a little space for one more.

In this blog, I will share with you my travels, my experience as an Italian living in Scotland, my favourite recipes and more… I hope you will join me in this adventure and bear with me for any mistakes along the ride (I’m not very tekkie and my brain works in 2 languages and sometimes none at all)!


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